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What is Remy Hair - 2020

Have you ever found someone with Remy hair that always looks right? And have you ever marvel but celebrities are always revising hair design each currently, but it is very natural? The only real Remy hair extensions are all through natural search.

Truly - What is Remy hair?

Truly - What is Remy hair?
Remy Hair

It is any hair collected directly from a hair donor and sewn into a hair; It is sewn in the same directions as the hair grows naturally so it falls out the same direction much as your natural hair.

It is additionally called cuticle hair, Indian virgin human hair, or chopped hair. Remy hair comes from many completely different countries all over the world.

But Indian is most appreciated. Indian Remy Hair is that it is the most preferred option for extensions because of its texture and color that can be associated with many individuals and different racial backgrounds around the world.

Remy hair extensions are a beautiful form of replacement in natural human hair. And it ranks highest in the market for hair replacement because of its unimaginable look, robustness, and strength.

Remy Hairs Are Classified Into 2 Types:

Single Drawn Hair
Single Drawn Hair

Single Drawn HairSuch hair came straight out of the scalp by shaving the crest. Just remove very short hair from long hair. It still leaves varying lengths of hair, providing a hairstyle as a look.

Double Drawn Hair
Double Drawn Hair

Double Drawn Hair: This kind of hair that better quality of hair with the same hair strand length during a piece. The strands of hair are set with equal length. There will be no short strands of hair during a thread.

These Hair Extensions are also classified into 3 quality levels.

  • First Level - This level is made from a double design virgin Remy hair. The frames are one-sided and feature double designed hair. Total thread is made with strands of hair of the same length.
  • Second Level - This level is made from a special double drawn hair, made from Virgin Remy hair and is one-way. The length of hair strands can be disaggregated by 1-2 inches.
  • Third level - This is often the last category of the weft. Cuticles are intact and one-sided. Total threads have strands of hair of different lengths.
These Hair Extensions are also classified into 3 quality levels.
Hair Extensions

No matter where the hair comes from, care is taken that it excels between Remy and Non-Remy hair once it is taken from the donor's crest to cut and retain the cuticles.

It is generally believed that this is the best quality hair that a person will use for wigs and hair extensions; Therefore it is also the most expensive. It is thought by most that it would certainly be worth it as a result to be treated exactly like your own hair.

One major advantage of having Remy Hair or natural hair in your hair system is that hair color. Real hair is not a solid color. It has tons of cinematography and highlights. With Remy hair extensions, you are sure to have a natural color that looks great.

So if you want to get your hands inspired on Remy Indian hair many online companies and native salons sell Indian Remy hair. However, wake up to the hair standard you can buy.


Remy Hair is the only origin from India. It's quite expensive than all human hair in the hair industry. Best recommended buying Remy hair from Indian hair companies.

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