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How are synthetic Hair Wigs made?

Synthetic hair wigs are made from synthetic hair fiber with the help of a machine and hand-tied as per require order received from clients and consumers. In short synthetic hair, wigs are made from the machine as well as custom hand made.

Small History - Synthetic Hair Wigs

Small History - Synthetic Hair Wigs

By the early 1900s, jute fibers were being used as Synthetic Hair in dramatic wigs. Today, a favorite material for dramatic wigs, especially those worn by clowns, are yak hair from Tibet. The hair of this bull species is well set, easily dyed, and prevents attacks of food and shaving cream.

Synthetic Hair Wigs - Raw Material

Synthetic (eg, acrylic, modacrylic, nylon, or polyester) wigs are popular for several reasons. They are comparatively inexpensive (one-twentieth to one-twentieth as much as a human hair wig). 

During the past decade, significant improvements in ingredients have made synthetic hair and feel more like natural hair. In addition, synthetic wigs weigh significantly less than human hair versions. 

They capture a style well - so well, in fact, that they can be difficult to fix. On the other hand, synthetic hair fibers do not transfer as naturally as human hair, and they drip from friction along the collar lines. Synthetic hair is also sensitive to heat and can be easily damaged (eg, from an open oven, a candle flame, or the glow of a cigarette).

Synthetic Hair Wigs - Raw Material

Human hair Wigs remains a popular choice for wigs, especially because it looks and feels natural. It is easily styled; Unlike synthetic hair, it may be allowed or colored. During the period of shortage of shredded human hair for wigs, manufacturers have used the comb (hair that grows out naturally at the end of their life cycle). 

However, actively growing hair that is cut for wig making is preferred. USA wig makers companies import most of their hair from India. Italy is known as a major source of hair with desirable characteristics; Other hair colors and textures are purchased in Spain, France, Germany, India, China, and Japan. 

Women make contact with hair products manufacturer companies to grow the market and sell their hair products. After cutting, the hair is treated to remove the outer cuticle layer, making the hair more manageable. 

Wigmakers pay $ 100 or more per ounce for virgin hair that has never been dyed or trimmed; A wig requires at least 4 ounces (113.4 grams) of hair.

How are synthetic Hair Wigs made?

Some manufacturers combine synthetic and human hair for wigs that have both the styling-maintaining properties of synthetic hair and the natural circulation of human hair. However, this can complicate maintenance, as different types of hair require different types of care.

Method of Making Synthetic Hair wigs

Mainly there two methods used to Synthetic Hair Wigs Machine-made wefting and Knotting 

Method of Making Synthetic Hair wigs

  1. Wefting Method: First Synthetic Fiber is weft on the triple head machine and makes synthetic hair bundles. Once synthetic hair weft is ready in hand they are cuts in various sizes or length of requirement and finally this weft is sewed on the standard caps.
  2. Knotting Method: This method is time-consuming and uses for custom made synthetic hair wigs. It is a very expensive method of making synthetic hair wigs. Every single synthetic fiber is hand-knotted on caps or base.

Types Of Synthetic Hair Wigs

Making of both above wigs types is the same machine wefting and knotting. But regular and mostly ask by consumers and clients are two types of Synthetic Hair Wigs.
  • Synthetic Lace Wigs
  • Synthetic Front Wigs

Synthetic Hair Wigs - Styling 

The finished wig is stuck to a delicate square for styling. The hair is delicately hosed by searching through with a wet brush. Twists are shaped as pin curls or on rollers or cotton structures. 

The wig is secured with a net and dried in a warm broiler. The twists are then unfastened, and the hair is brushed and styled. A net is deliberately set over the completed style, and the wig is come back to the broiler to set the style.


Synthetic Hair Wigs is less expensive compare to human hair wigs and developed for regular ruff and tuff uses and made available similar to a natural look with different colors and sizes.

How to Clean and Care of the Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair Wigs.. read more

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